Creating a new Feature

If you want to contribute to the Gardener, please do that always on a dedicated branch on your own fork named after the purpose of the code changes, for example feature/helm-integration. Please do not forget to rebase your branch regularly.

If you have finished your work, please create a pull request based on master. It will be reviewed and merged if no further changes are requested from you.

:warning: Please ensure that your modifications pass the lint checks, formatting checks, static code checks, and unit tests by executing

make verify

:rotating_light: Please run make generate whenever you modify the any API within pkg/apis.

Please do not file your pull request unless you receive a successful response from here!

Creating a new Release

Please refer to the Gardener contributor guide.

Report an issue

See a typo? Have a picture to recommend? Want to edit some words/phrases/sentences? You can simply submit a ticket to request we make the change. If you are github savvy, submit a pull request. Open Github Issue