See who is using Gardener

This is a list of adopters of Gardener in production environments that have publicly shared details of their usage.

b’nerd uses Gardener as the core technology for its own managed Kubernetes as a Service solution and operates multiple Gardener installations for several cloud hosting service providers.

SAP uses Gardener to deploy and manage Kubernetes clusters at scale in a uniform way across infrastructures (AWS, Azure, GCP, Alicloud, OpenStack). Workloads include databases (SAP Hana), Big Data (SAP Data Hub), IoT, AI, and Machine Learning (SAP Leonardo), Serverless and diverse business workloads.

ScaleUp Technologies runs Gardener within their public Openstack Clouds (Hamburg, Berlin, Düsseldorf). Their clients run all kinds of workloads on top of Gardener maintained Kubernetes clusters ranging from databases to Software as a Service applications.

Finanz Informatik Technologie Services GmbH uses Gardener to offer k8s as a service for customers in the financial industry in Germany. It is built on top of a "metal as a service" infrastructure implemented from scratch for k8s workloads in mind. The result is k8s on top of bare metal in minutes.

If you’re using Gardener and aren’t on this list, feel free to submit a pull request!