Anti Patterns

Running as Root User

Whenever possible, do not run containers as root users. One could be tempted to say that Kubernetes Pods and Node are well separated. The host and the container share the same kernel. If the container is compromised, a root user can damage the underlying node. Use RUN groupadd -r anygroup && useradd -r -g anygroup myuser to create a group and a user in it. Use the USER command to switch to this user.

Storing Data or Logs in Containers

Containers are ideal for stateless applications and should be transient. This means that no data or logs should be stored in the container, as they are lost when the container is closed. If absolutely necessary, you can use persistence volumes instead to persist them outside the containers. However, an ELK stack is preferred for storing and processing log files. some more on Common Kubernetes Antipattern.