Community Call - Gardenctl-v2


This community call was led by Holger Kosser, Lukas Gross and Peter Sutter.


Watch the recording of our February 2022 Community call to see how to get started with the gardenctl-v2 and watch a walkthrough for gardenctl-v2 features. You’ll learn about targeting, secure shoot cluster access, SSH, and how to use cloud provider CLIs natively.

The session is led by Lukas Gross, who begins by giving some information on the motivations behind creating a new version of gardenctl - providing secure access to shoot clustes, enabling direct usage of kubectl and cloud provider CLIs and managing cloud provider resources for SSH access.

Holger Kosser then takes over in order to delve deeper into the concepts behind the implementation of gardenctl-2, going over Targeting, Gardenlogin and Cloud Provider CLIs. After that, Peter Sutter does the first demo, where he presents the main features in gardenctl-2.

The next part details how to get started with gardenctl, followed by another demo. The landscape requirements are also discussed, as well as future plans and enhancement requests.

You can find the slides for this community call at Google Slides.

Feel free to try out the guide upfront and join one of our scheduled meetings with your questions! We will have plenty of time to clarify them and look at any issues you might have encountered.