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Join our community calls to connect with other Gardener enthusiasts and watch cool presentations.

What content can you expect?

  • Gardener core developers roll out new information, share knowledge with the members and demonstrate new service capabilities.
  • Adopters and contributors share their use-cases, experience and exchange on future requirements.

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TopicSpeakerDate and TimeLink
Get more computing power in Gardener by overcoming Kubelet limitations with CRI-resource-managerPawel Palucki, Alexander D. KanevskiyOctober 20, 2022Recording
Cilium / Isovalent PresentationRaymond de JongOctober 6, 2022Recording
Gardener Extension Development - From scratch to the gardener-extension-shoot-fluxJens Schneider, Lothar GessleinJune 9, 2022Recording
Deploying and Developing Gardener Locally (Without Any External Infrastructure!)Tim Ebert, Rafael FranzkeMarch 17, 2022Recording
Gardenctl-v2Holger Kosser, Lukas Gross, Peter SutterFebruary 17, 2022Recording

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Presenting a Topic

If there is a topic you would like to present, message us in our #gardener slack channel or get in touch with Jessica Katz.

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