Cert-Broker is a complementary component for Cert-Manager. It enables certificate management for Kubernetes clusters which don’t operate their own (in-cluster) Cert-Manager, e.g. for organizational resposibilities the Cert-Manager is located in another cluster.


To use or contribute to Cert-Broker it is fundamental to understand its main concept of control and target cluster.

  • Control cluster: The cluster which operates an instance of Cert-Manager.
  • Target cluster: The cluster which demands TLS certificates by Cert-Manager through the Cert-Broker.

Cert-Broker replicates Ingress resources from the target cluster to a predefined namespace in the control cluster. After the matching TLS Secret resource was created by Cert-Manager, Cert-Broker copies it to the appropriate Namespace in the target cluster. This works similarily in case the certificate is renewed.


To install Cert-Broker on the control cluster, fill out the place holders and run

helm install charts/cert-broker \
    --name cert-broker \
    --namespace <Namespace> \
    --set certbroker.targetClusterSecret=<Target cluster Kubeconfig> \
    --set certmanager.dns="{"<Domain>"."<DNS Provider>", "<Domain>"."<DNS Provider>"}" \
    --set certmanager.clusterissuer="<Issuer Name>"


In case Cert-Manager issues certificates for the target cluster with Let’s Encrypt, the domain’s ownership can only be proven by DNS records, i.e. DNS01 Challenges must be used.

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