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Machine Controller Manager (MCM) manages VMs as another kubernetes custom resource. It provides a declarative way to manage VMs. The current implementation supports AWS, GCP, Azure and Openstack. It can easily extended to support other cloud providers as well.

Example of managing machine:

kubectl create/get/delete machine vm1

Key terminologies

Nodes/Machines/VMs are different terminologies used to represent similar things. We use these terms in the following way

  1. VM: A virtual machine running on any cloud provider.
  2. Node: Native kubernetes node objects. The objects you get to see when you do a “kubectl get nodes”. Although nodes can be either physical/virtual machines, for the purposes of our discussions it refers to a VM.
  3. Machine: A VM that is provisioned/managed by the Machine Controller Manager.

Design of Machine Controller Manager

See the design documentation in the /docs/design repository, please find the design doc here.

To start using or developing the Machine Controller Manager

See the documentation in the /docs repository, please find the index here.

Cluster-api Implementation

Report an issue

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