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Custom Shoot Fields

The Dashboard supports custom shoot fields, that can be defined per project by specifying metadata.annotations["dashboard.gardener.cloud/shootCustomFields"]. The fields can be configured to be displayed on the cluster list and cluster details page. Custom fields do not show up on the ALL_PROJECTS page.

nameString✔️Name of the custom field
pathString✔️Path in shoot resource, of which the value must be of primitive type (no object / array). Use lodash get path syntax, e.g. metadata.labels["shoot.gardener.cloud/status"] or spec.networking.type
iconStringMDI icon for field on the cluster details page. See https://materialdesignicons.com/ for available icons. Must be in the format: mdi-<icon-name>.
tooltipStringTooltip for the custom field that appears when hovering with the mouse over the value
defaultValueString/NumberDefault value, in case there is no value for the given path
showColumnBooltrueField shall appear as column in the cluster list
columnSelectedByDefaultBooltrueIndicates if field shall be selected by default on the cluster list (not hidden by default)
weightNumber0Defines the order of the column. The standard columns start with weight 100 and continue in 100 increments (200, 300, ..)
sortableBooltrueIndicates if column is sortable on the cluster list.
searchableBooltrueField shall appear in a dedicated card (Custom Fields) on the cluster details page
showDetailsBooltrueIndicates if field shall appear in a dedicated card (Custom Fields) on the cluster details page

As there is currently no way to configure the custom shoot fields for a project in the gardener dashboard, you have to use kubectl to update the project resource. See /docs/dashboard/usage/project-operations/#download-kubeconfig-for-a-user on how to get a kubeconfig for the garden cluster in order to edit the project.

The following is an example project yaml:

apiVersion: core.gardener.cloud/v1beta1
kind: Project
    dashboard.gardener.cloud/shootCustomFields: |
        "shootStatus": {
          "name": "Shoot Status",
          "path": "metadata.labels[\"shoot.gardener.cloud/status\"]",
          "icon": "mdi-heart-pulse",
          "tooltip": "Indicates the health status of the cluster",
          "defaultValue": "unknown",
          "showColumn": true,
          "columnSelectedByDefault": true,
          "weight": 950,
          "searchable": true,
          "sortable": true,
          "showDetails": true
        "networking": {
          "name": "Networking Type",
          "path": "spec.networking.type",
          "icon": "mdi-table-network",
          "showColumn": false