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Using the Equinix Metal provider extension with Gardener as end-user

The core.gardener.cloud/v1beta1.Shoot resource declares a few fields that are meant to contain provider-specific configuration.

In this document we are describing how this configuration looks like for Equinix Metal and provide an example Shoot manifest with minimal configuration that you can use to create an Equinix Metal cluster (modulo the landscape-specific information like cloud profile names, secret binding names, etc.).

Provider secret data

Every shoot cluster references a SecretBinding which itself references a Secret, and this Secret contains the provider credentials of your Equinix Metal project. This Secret must look as follows:

apiVersion: v1
kind: Secret
  name: my-secret
  namespace: garden-dev
type: Opaque
  apiToken: base64(api-token)
  projectID: base64(project-id)

Please look up https://metal.equinix.com/developers/api/ as well.

With Secret created, create a SecretBinding resource referencing it. It may look like this:

apiVersion: core.gardener.cloud/v1beta1
kind: SecretBinding
  name: my-secret
  namespace: garden-dev
  name: my-secret
quotas: []


Currently, there is no infrastructure configuration possible for the Equinix Metal environment.

An example InfrastructureConfig for the Equinix Metal extension looks as follows:

apiVersion: equinixmetal.provider.extensions.gardener.cloud/v1alpha1
kind: InfrastructureConfig

The Equinix Metal extension will only create a key pair.


The control plane configuration mainly contains values for the Equinix Metal-specific control plane components. Today, the Equinix Metal extension deploys the cloud-controller-manager and the CSI controllers, however, it doesn’t offer any configuration options at the moment.

An example ControlPlaneConfig for the Equinix Metal extension looks as follows:

apiVersion: equinixmetal.provider.extensions.gardener.cloud/v1alpha1
kind: ControlPlaneConfig


The Equinix Metal extension supports specifying IDs for reserved devices that should be used for the machines of a specific worker pool.

An example WorkerConfig for the Equinix Metal extension looks as follows:

apiVersion: equinixmetal.provider.extensions.gardener.cloud/v1alpha1
kind: WorkerConfig
- my-reserved-device-1
- my-reserved-device-2
reservedDevicesOnly: false

The .reservationIDs[] list contains the list of IDs of the reserved devices. The .reservedDevicesOnly field indicates whether only reserved devices from the provided list of reservation IDs should be used when new machines are created. It always will attempt to create a device from one of the reservation IDs. If none is available, the behaviour depends on the setting:

  • true: return an error
  • false: request a regular on-demand device

The default value is false.

Example Shoot manifest

Please find below an example Shoot manifest:

apiVersion: core.gardener.cloud/v1alpha1
kind: Shoot
  name: my-shoot
  namespace: garden-dev
  cloudProfileName: equinix-metal
  region: ny # Corresponds to a metro
  secretBindingName: my-secret
    type: equinixmetal
      apiVersion: equinixmetal.provider.extensions.gardener.cloud/v1alpha1
      kind: InfrastructureConfig
      apiVersion: equinixmetal.provider.extensions.gardener.cloud/v1alpha1
      kind: ControlPlaneConfig
    - name: worker-pool1
      minimum: 2
      maximum: 2
        size: 50Gi
        type: storage_1
      zones: # Optional list of facilities, all of which MUST be in the metro; if not provided, then random facilities within the metro will be chosen for each machine.
      - ewr1
      - ny5
    - name: reserved-pool
        type: t1.small
      minimum: 1
      maximum: 2
        apiVersion: equinixmetal.provider.extensions.gardener.cloud/v1alpha1
        kind: WorkerConfig
        - reserved-device1
        - reserved-device2
        reservedDevicesOnly: true
        size: 50Gi
        type: storage_1
    type: calico
    version: 1.20.2
      kubernetesVersion: true
      machineImageVersion: true
      enabled: true
      enabled: true

⚠️ Note that if you specify multiple facilities in the .spec.provider.workers[].zones[] list then new machines are randomly created in one of the provided facilities. Particularly, it is not ensured that all facilities are used or that all machines are equally or unequally distributed.

Kubernetes Versions per Worker Pool

This extension supports gardener/gardener’s WorkerPoolKubernetesVersion feature gate, i.e., having worker pools with overridden Kubernetes versions since gardener-extension-provider-equinix-metal@v2.2.

Shoot CA Certificate and ServiceAccount Signing Key Rotation

This extension supports gardener/gardener’s ShootCARotation feature gate since gardener-extension-provider-equinix-metal@v2.3 and ShootSARotation feature gate since gardener-extension-provider-equinix-metal@v2.4.