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Using the Calico networking extension with Gardener as operator

This document explains configuration options supported by the networking-calico extension.

Run calico-node in non-privileged and non-root mode

Feature State: Alpha


Running containers in privileged mode is not recommended as privileged containers run with all linux capabilities enabled and can access the host’s resources. Running containers in privileged mode opens number of security threats such as breakout to underlying host OS.

Support for non-privileged and non-root mode

The Calico project has a preliminary support for running the calico-node component in non-privileged mode (see this guide). Similar to Tigera Calico operator the networking-calico extension can also run calico-node in non-privileged and non-root mode. This feature is controller via feature gate named NonPrivilegedCalicoNode. The feature gates are configured in the ControllerConfiguration of networking-calico. The corresponding ControllerDeployment configuration that enables the NonPrivilegedCalicoNode would look like:

apiVersion: core.gardener.cloud/v1beta1
kind: ControllerDeployment
  name: networking-calico
type: helm
    chart: <omitted>
        NonPrivilegedCalicoNode: false
  • The support for the non-privileged mode in the Calico project is not ready for productive usage. The upstream documentation states that in non-privileged mode the support for features added after Calico v3.21 is not guaranteed.
  • Calico in non-privileged mode does not support eBPF dataplane. That’s why when eBPF dataplane is enabled, calico-node has to run in privileged mode (even when the NonPrivilegedCalicoNode feature gate is enabled).
  • (At the time of writing this guide) there is the following issue projectcalico/calico#5348 that is not addressed.
  • (At the time of writing this guide) the upstream adoptions seems to be low. The Calico charts and manifest in projectcalico/calico run calico-node in privileged mode.