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Gardener Certificate Management


Gardener comes with an extension that enables shoot owners to request X.509 compliant certificates for shoot domains.

Extension Installation

The Shoot-Cert-Service extension can be deployed and configured via Gardener’s native resource ControllerRegistration.


To let the Shoot-Cert-Service operate properly, you need to have:


An example of a ControllerRegistration for the Shoot-Cert-Service can be found here: https://github.com/gardener/gardener-extension-shoot-cert-service/blob/master/example/controller-registration.yaml

The ControllerRegistration contains a Helm chart which eventually deploy the Shoot-Cert-Service to seed clusters. It offers some configuration options, mainly to set up a default issuer for shoot clusters. With a default issuer, pre-existing Let’s Encrypt accounts can be used and shared with shoot clusters (See “One Account or Many?” of the Integration Guide).

Please keep the Let’s Encrypt Rate Limits in mind when using this shared account model. Depending on the amount of shoots and domains it is recommended to use an account with increased rate limits.

apiVersion: core.gardener.cloud/v1beta1
kind: ControllerRegistration
            email: foo@example.com
            privateKey: |-
            -----BEGIN RSA PRIVATE KEY-----
            -----END RSA PRIVATE KEY-----
            server: https://acme-v02.api.letsencrypt.org/directory            
        name: default-issuer
#       restricted: true # restrict default issuer to any sub-domain of shoot.spec.dns.domain

#     defaultRequestsPerDayQuota: 50

#     precheckNameservers:,

#     caCertificates: | # optional custom CA certificates when using private ACME provider
#     -----BEGIN CERTIFICATE-----
#     ...
#     -----END CERTIFICATE-----
#     -----BEGIN CERTIFICATE-----
#     ...
#     -----END CERTIFICATE-----

        enabled: false # if true, allows to specify issuers in the shoot clusters


If the Shoot-Cert-Service should be enabled for every shoot cluster in your Gardener managed environment, you need to globally enable it in the ControllerRegistration:

apiVersion: core.gardener.cloud/v1beta1
kind: ControllerRegistration
  - globallyEnabled: true
    kind: Extension
    type: shoot-cert-service

Alternatively, you’re given the option to only enable the service for certain shoots:

kind: Shoot
apiVersion: core.gardener.cloud/v1beta1
  - type: shoot-cert-service