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Deploying the Gardener into a Kubernetes cluster

Similar to Kubernetes, Gardener consists out of control plane components (Gardener API server, Gardener controller manager, Gardener scheduler), and an agent component (Gardenlet). The control plane is deployed in the so-called garden cluster while the agent is installed into every seed cluster. Please note that it is possible to use the garden cluster as seed cluster by simply deploying the Gardenlet into it.

We are providing Helm charts in order to manage the various resources of the components. Please always make sure that you use the Helm chart version that matches the Gardener version you want to deploy.

Deploying the Gardener control plane (API server, admission controller, controller manager, scheduler)

The configuration values depict the various options to configure the different components. Please consult this document for component specific configurations and this document for authentication related specifics.

Also note that all resources and deployments need to be created in the garden namespace (not overrideable). If you enable the Gardener admission controller as part of you setup, please make sure the garden namespace is labelled with app: gardener. Otherwise, the backing service account for the admission controller Pod might not be created successfully. No action is necessary, if you deploy the garden namespace with the Gardener control plane Helm chart.

After preparing your values in a separate controlplane-values.yaml file (values.yaml can be used as starting point), you can run the following command against your garden cluster:

helm install charts/gardener/controlplane \
  --namespace garden \
  --name gardener-controlplane \
  -f controlplane-values.yaml \

Deploying Gardener extensions

Gardener is an extensible system that does not contain the logic for provider-specific things like DNS management, cloud infrastructures, network plugins, operating system configs, and many more.

You have to install extension controllers for these parts. Please consult the documentation regarding extensions to get more information.

Deploying the Gardener agent (Gardenlet)

Please refer to this document on how to deploy a Gardenlet.