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Contract: ControlPlane resource with purpose exposure

Some Kubernetes clusters require an additional deployments required by the seed cloud provider in order to work properly, e.g. AWS Load Balancer Readvertiser. Before using ControlPlane resources with purpose exposure Gardener was having different Helm charts for the deployments for the various providers. Now, Gardener commissions an external, provider-specific controller to take over this task.

Which control plane resources are required?

As mentioned in the controlplane document Gardener shall not deploy any other provider-specific component. Instead, it creates a ControlPlane CRD with purpose exposure that should be picked up by provider extensions. Its purpose is to trigger the deployment of such provider-specific components in the shoot namespace in the seed cluster that are needed to expose the kube-apiserver.

The shoot cluster’s kube-apiserver are exposed via a Service of type LoadBalancer from the shoot provider (you may run the control plane of an Azure shoot in a GCP seed) it’s the seed provider extension controller that should act on the ControlPlane resources with purpose exposure.

If SNI is enabled, then the Service from above is of type ClusterIP and Gardner will not create ControlPlane resources with purpose exposure.

What needs to be implemented to support a new infrastructure provider?

As part of the shoot flow Gardener will create a special CRD in the seed cluster that needs to be reconciled by an extension controller, for example:

apiVersion: extensions.gardener.cloud/v1alpha1
kind: ControlPlane
  name: control-plane-exposure
  namespace: shoot--foo--bar
  type: aws
  purpose: exposure
  region: europe-west1
    name: cloudprovider
    namespace: shoot--foo--bar

The .spec.secretRef contains a reference to the provider secret pointing to the account that shall be used for the shoot cluster. It is most likely not needed, however, still added for some potential corner cases. If you don’t need it then just ignore it. The .spec.region contains the region of the seed cluster.

In order to support a control plane provider with purpose exposure you need to write a controller or expand the existing controlplane controller that watches all ControlPlanes with .spec.type=<my-provider-name> and purpose exposure. You can take a look at the below referenced example implementation for the AWS provider.

Non-provider specific information required for infrastructure creation

Most providers might require further information that is not provider specific but already part of the shoot resource. As Gardener cannot know which information is required by providers it simply mirrors the Shoot, Seed, and CloudProfile resources into the seed. They are part of the Cluster extension resource and can be used to extract information.

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