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Extending project roles

The Project resource allows to specify a list of roles for every member (.spec.members[*].roles). There are a few standard roles defined by Gardener itself. Please consult this document for further information.

However, extension controllers running in the garden cluster may also create CustomResourceDefinitions that project members might be able to CRUD. For this purpose Gardener also allows to specify extension roles.

An extension role is prefixed with extension:, e.g.

apiVersion: core.gardener.cloud/v1beta1
kind: Project
  name: dev
  - apiGroup: rbac.authorization.k8s.io
    kind: User
    name: alice.doe@example.com
    role: admin
    - owner
    - extension:foo

The project controller will, for every extension role, create a ClusterRole with name gardener.cloud:extension:project:<projectName>:<roleName>, i.e., for above example: gardener.cloud:extension:project:dev:foo. This ClusterRole aggregates other ClusterRoles that are labeled with rbac.gardener.cloud/aggregate-to-extension-role=foo which might be created by extension controllers.

Extension that might want to contribute to the core admin or viewer roles can use the labels rbac.gardener.cloud/aggregate-to-project-member=true or rbac.gardener.cloud/aggregate-to-project-viewer=true, respectively.

Please note that the names of the extension roles are restricted to 20 characters!

Moreover, the project controller will also create a corresponding RoleBinding with the same name in the project namespace. It will automatically assign all members that are assigned to this extension role.