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Referenced Resources

The Shoot resource can include a list of resources (usually secrets) that can be referenced by name in extension providerConfig and other Shoot sections, for example:

kind: Shoot
apiVersion: core.gardener.cloud/v1beta1
  name: crazy-botany
  namespace: garden-dev
  - type: foobar
      apiVersion: foobar.extensions.gardener.cloud/v1alpha1
      kind: FooBarConfig
      foo: bar
      secretRef: foobar-secret
  - name: foobar-secret
      apiVersion: v1
      kind: Secret
      name: my-foobar-secret

Gardener expects to find these referenced resources in the project namespace (e.g. garden-dev) and will copy them to the Shoot namespace in the Seed cluster when reconciling a Shoot, adding a prefix to their names to avoid naming collisions with Gardener’s own resources.

Extension controllers can resolve the references to these resources by accessing the Shoot via the Cluster resource. To properly read a referenced resources, extension controllers should use the utility function GetObjectByReference from the extensions/pkg/controller package, for example:

    ref = &autoscalingv1.CrossVersionObjectReference{
        APIVersion: "v1",
        Kind:       "Secret",
        Name:       "foo",
    secret := &corev1.Secret{}
    if err := controller.GetObjectByReference(ctx, client, ref, "shoot--test--foo", secret); err != nil {
        return err
    // Use secret