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Roles of the different Prometheus instances



Deployed in the garden namespace. Important scrape targets:

  • cadvisor
  • node-exporter
  • kube-state-metrics

Purpose: Acts as a cache for other Prometheus instances. The metrics are kept for a short amount of time (~2 hours) due to the high cardinality. For example if another Prometheus needs access to cadvisor metrics it will query this Prometheus instead of the cadvisor. This also reduces load on the kubelets and API Server.

Some of the high cardinality metrics are aggregated with recording rules. These pre-aggregated metrics are scraped by the Aggregate Prometheus.

This Prometheus is not used for alerting.

Aggregate Prometheus

Deployed in the garden namespace. Important scrape targets:

  • other prometheus instances
  • logging components

Purpose: Store pre-aggregated data from prometheus and shoot prometheus. An ingress exposes this Prometheus allowing it to be scraped from another cluster.

Seed Prometheus

Deployed in the garden namespace. Important scrape targets:

  • pods in extension namespaces annotated with:
  • cadvisor metrics from pods in the garden and extension namespaces

Purpose: Entrypoint for operators when debugging issues with extensions or other garden components.

Shoot Prometheus

Deployed in the shoot control plane namespace. Important scrape targets:

  • control plane components
  • shoot nodes (node-exporter)
  • blackbox-exporter used to measure connectivity

Purpose: Monitor all relevant components belonging to a shoot cluster managed by Gardener. Shoot owners can view the metrics in Grafana dashboards and receive alerts based on these metrics. Gardener operators will receive a different set of alerts. For alerting internals refer to this document.

Collect all Shoot Prometheus with remote write

An optional collection of all Shoot Prometheus metrics to a central prometheus (or cortex) instance is possible with the monitoring.shoot setting in GardenletConfiguration:

      url: https://remoteWriteUrl # remote write URL
      keep:# metrics that should be forwarded to the external write endpoint. If empty all metrics get forwarded
      - kube_pod_container_info
      queueConfig: | # queue_config of prometheus remote write as multiline string
        max_shards: 100
        batch_send_deadline: 20s
        min_backoff: 500ms
        max_backoff: 60s
    externalLabels: # add additional labels to metrics to identify it on the central instance
      additional: label

If basic auth is needed it can be set via secret in garden namespace (Gardener API Server). Example secret

Disable Gardener Monitoring

If you wish to disable metric collection for every shoot and roll your own then you can simply set.

    enabled: false


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Operator Alerts

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User Alerts

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