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Trigger Shoot Operations

You can trigger a few explicit operations by annotating the Shoot with an operation annotation. This might allow you to induct certain behavior without the need to change the Shoot specification. Some of the operations can also not be caused by changing something in the shoot specification because they can’t properly be reflected here. Note that once the triggered operation is considered by the controllers, the annotation will be automatically removed and you have to add it each time you want to trigger the operation.

Please note: If .spec.maintenance.confineSpecUpdateRollout=true, then the only way to trigger a shoot reconciliation is by setting the reconcile operation, see below.

Immediate Reconciliation

Annotate the shoot with gardener.cloud/operation=reconcile to make the gardenlet start a reconciliation operation without changing the shoot spec and possibly without being in its maintenance time window:

kubectl -n garden-<project-name> annotate shoot <shoot-name> gardener.cloud/operation=reconcile

Immediate Maintenance

Annotate the shoot with gardener.cloud/operation=maintain to make the gardener-controller-manager start maintaining your shoot immediately (possibly without being in its maintenance time window). If no reconciliation starts, then nothing needs to be maintained:

kubectl -n garden-<project-name> annotate shoot <shoot-name> gardener.cloud/operation=maintain

Retry Failed Reconciliation

Annotate the shoot with gardener.cloud/operation=retry to make the gardenlet start a new reconciliation loop on a failed shoot. Failed shoots are only reconciled again if a new Gardener version is deployed, the shoot specification is changed or this annotation is set:

kubectl -n garden-<project-name> annotate shoot <shoot-name> gardener.cloud/operation=retry

Credentials Rotation Operations

Please consult Credentials Rotation for Shoot Clusters for more information.

Restart systemd Services on Particular Worker Nodes

It is possible to make Gardener restart particular systemd services on your shoot worker nodes if needed. The annotation is not set on the Shoot resource but directly on the Node object you want to target. For example, the following will restart both the kubelet and the containerd services:

kubectl annotate node <node-name> worker.gardener.cloud/restart-systemd-services=kubelet,containerd

It may take up to a minute until the service is restarted. The annotation will be removed from the Node object after all specified systemd services have been restarted. It will also be removed even if the restart of one or more services failed.

ℹ️ In the example mentioned above, you could additionally verify when/whether the kubelet restarted by using kubectl describe node <node-name> and looking for such a Starting kubelet event.

Force Deletion

When the ShootForceDeletion feature gate in the gardener-apiserver is enabled, users will be able to force-delete the Shoot. This is only possible if the Shoot fails to be deleted normally. For forceful deletion, the following conditions must be met:

  • Shoot has a deletion timestamp.
  • Shoot status contains at least one of the following ErrorCodes:

If the above conditions are satisfied, you can annotate the Shoot with confirmation.gardener.cloud/force-deletion=true, and Gardener will cleanup the Shoot controlplane and the Shoot metadata.

⚠️ You MUST ensure that all the resources created in the IaaS account are cleaned up to prevent orphaned resources. Gardener will NOT delete any resources in the underlying infrastructure account. Hence, use this annotation at your own risk and only if you are fully aware of these consequences.