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Kubernetes dockershim removal

What’s happening?

With Kubernetes v1.20 the built-in dockershim was deprecated and is scheduled to be removed with v1.24. Don’t Panic! The Kubernetes community has published a blogpost and an FAQ with more information.

Gardener also needs to switch from using the built-in dockershim to containerd. Gardener will not change running Shoot clusters. But changes to the container runtime will be coupled to the K8s version selected by the Shoot:

  • starting with K8s version 1.22 Shoots not explicitly selecting a container runtime will get containerd instead of docker. Shoots can still select docker explicitly if needed.
  • starting with K8s version 1.23 docker can no longer be selected.

At this point in time, we have no plans to support other container runtimes, such as cri-o.

What should I do?

As a gardener operator:

As a shoot owner:

  • check if you have dependencies to the docker container runtime. Note: This is not only about your actual workload, but also concerns ops tooling as well as logging, monitoring and metric agents installed on the nodes
  • test with containerd:
  • once testing is successful, switch to containerd with your production workload. You don’t need to wait for kubernetes v1.22, containerd is considered production ready as of today
  • if you find dependencies to docker, set .spec.provider.workers[].cri.name: docker explicitly to avoid defaulting to containerd once you update your Shoot to kubernetes v1.22


  • 2021-08-04: Kubernetes v1.22 released. Shoots using this version get containerd as default container runtime. Shoots can still select docker explicitly if needed.
  • 2021-12-07: Kubernetes v1.23 released. Shoots using this version can no longer select docker as container runtime.
  • 2022-06-28: Kubernetes v1.21 goes out of maintenance. This is the last version not affected by these changes. Make sure you have tested thoroughly and set the correct configuration for your Shoots!
  • 2022-10-28: Kubernetes v1.22 goes out of maintenance. This is the last version that you can use with docker as container runtime. Make sure you have removed any dependencies to docker as container runtime!

See the official kubernetes documentation for the exact dates for all releases.

Container Runtime support in Gardener Operating System Extensions

Operating Systemdocker supportcontainerd support
GardenLinux>= v0.3.0
Ubuntu>= v1.4.0
SuSE CHost>= v1.14.0
CoreOS/FlatCar>= v1.8.0

Note: If you’re using a different Operating System Extension, start evaluating now if it provides support for containerd. Please refer to our documentation of the operatingsystemconfig contract to understand how to support containerd for an Operating System Extension.

Stable Worker node hash support in Gardener Provider Extensions

Upgrade to these versions to avoid a node rollout when a Shoot is configured from cri: nil to cri.name: docker.

Provider ExtensionStable worker hash support
Alicloud>= 1.26.0
AWS>= 1.27.0
Azure>= 1.21.0
GCP>= 1.18.0
OpenStack>= 1.21.0
vSphere>= 0.11.0

Note: If you’re using a different Provider Extension, start evaluating now if it keeps the worker hash stable when switching from .spec.provider.workers[].cri: nil to .spec.provider.workers[].cri.name: docker. This doesn’t impact functional correctness, however, a node rollout will be triggered when users decide to configure docker for their shoots.