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Adding support for a new cloud provider

For adding support for a new cloud provider in the Machine Controller Manager, follow the steps described below. Replace provider with your provider-name.

  1. Add a ProviderMachineClass CRD similar to existing AWSMachineClass into kubernetes/crds.yaml.
  2. Add ProviderMachineClass structs similar to existing AWSMachineClass into the machine APIs into pkg/apis/machine/types.go and pkg/apis/machine/v1alpha1/types.go. This would be the machineClass template used to describe provider specific configurations.
  3. Add the Go structures of your machine class (list) to pkg/apis/machine/register.go and pkg/apis/machine/v1alpha1/register.go to allow reporting events on these objects.
  4. Regenerate the machine API clients by running ./hack/generate-code
  5. Add validation for the new provider machine class at pkg/apis/machine/validation/providermachineclass.go similar to pkg/apis/machine/validation/awsmachineclass.go
  6. Update pkg/controller/machine_util.go to allow validation of the new provider.
  7. Add a new driver into pkg/driver/driver_provider.go similar to pkg/driver/driver_aws.go to implement the driver interface.
  8. Update pkg/driver/driver.go to add a new switch case to support the new provider driver.
  9. Add a new method in pkg/controller/machine_safety.go called checkProviderMachineClass similar to the existing method called checkAWSMachineClass present in the same file. Now invoke this method as a go-routine in the method checkVMObjects.
  10. Extend the StartControllers() function in cmd/machine-controller-manager/app/controllermanager.go to only start if your new machine class is under the available resources.
  11. Update pkg/controller/controller.go to add new providerMachineClassLister, providerMachineClassQueue, awsMachineClassSynced into the controller struct. Also initialize them in NewController() method.
  12. Add a new file pkg/controller/providermachineclass.go that allows re-queuing of machines which refer to an modified providerMachineClass.
  13. Update pkg/controller/controller.go to extend WaitForCacheSync and .Shutdown() similar to other cloud providers.
  14. Update the example ClusterRole in kubernetes/deployment/in-tree/clusterrole.yaml to allow operations on your new machine class.
  15. Update pkg/controller/controller.go, pkg/controller/secret.go, pkg/controller/secret_util.go to add event handlers to add/remove finalizers referenced by your machine Class. Refer this commit.