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Setting up the usage environment

Important ⚠️

All paths are relative to the root location of this project repository.

Run the Machine Controller Manager either as described in Setting up a local development environment or Deploying the Machine Controller Manager into a Kubernetes cluster.

Make sure that the following steps are run before managing machines/ machine-sets/ machine-deploys.


Using the existing Kubeconfig, open another Terminal panel/window with the KUBECONFIG environment variable pointing to this Kubeconfig file as shown below,

$ export KUBECONFIG=<PATH_TO_REPO>/dev/kubeconfig.yaml

Replace provider credentials and desired VM configurations

Open kubernetes/machine_classes/aws-machine-class.yaml and replace required values there with the desired VM configurations.

Similarily open kubernetes/secrets/aws-secret.yaml and replace - userData, providerAccessKeyId, providerSecretAccessKey with base64 encoded values of cloudconfig file, AWS access key id, and AWS secret access key respectively. Use the following command to get the base64 encoded value of your details

$ echo "sample-cloud-config" | base64

Do the same for your access key id and secret access key.

Deploy required CRDs and Objects

Create all the required CRDs in the cluster using kubernetes/crds.yaml

$ kubectl apply -f kubernetes/crds.yaml

Create the class template that will be used as an machine template to create VMs using kubernetes/machine_classes/aws-machine-class.yaml

$ kubectl apply -f kubernetes/machine_classes/aws-machine-class.yaml

Create the secret used for the cloud credentials and cloudconfig using kubernetes/secrets/aws-secret.yaml

$ kubectl apply -f kubernetes/secrets/aws-secret.yaml

Check current cluster state

Get to know the current cluster state using the following commands,

  • Checking aws-machine-class in the cluster
$ kubectl get awsmachineclass
NAME       MACHINE TYPE   AMI          AGE
test-aws   t2.large       ami-123456   5m
  • Checking kubernetes secrets in the cluster
$ kubectl get secret
NAME                  TYPE                                  DATA      AGE
test-secret           Opaque                                3         21h
  • Checking kubernetes nodes in the cluster
$ kubectl get nodes

Lists the default set of nodes attached to your cluster

  • Checking Machine Controller Manager machines in the cluster
$ kubectl get machine
No resources found.
  • Checking Machine Controller Manager machine-sets in the cluster
$ kubectl get machineset
No resources found.
  • Checking Machine Controller Manager machine-deploys in the cluster
$ kubectl get machinedeployment
No resources found.