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Machine Controller Manager (MCM) manages VMs as another kubernetes custom resource. It provides a declarative way to manage VMs. The current implementation supports AWS, GCP, Azure, Alicloud, Packet and Openstack. It can easily be extended to support other cloud providers as well.

Example of managing machine:

kubectl create/get/delete machine vm1

Key terminologies

Nodes/Machines/VMs are different terminologies used to represent similar things. We use these terms in the following way

  1. VM: A virtual machine running on any cloud provider. It could also refer to a physical machine (PM) in case of a bare metal setup.
  2. Node: Native kubernetes node objects. The objects you get to see when you do a “kubectl get nodes”. Although nodes can be either physical/virtual machines, for the purposes of our discussions it refers to a VM.
  3. Machine: A VM that is provisioned/managed by the Machine Controller Manager.

Design of Machine Controller Manager

See the design documentation in the /docs/design repository, please find the design doc here.

To start using or developing the Machine Controller Manager

See the documentation in the /docs repository, please find the index here.

Cluster-api Implementation