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Code of conduct

All members of the Gardener community must abide by the CNCF Code of Conduct. Only by respecting each other can we develop a productive, collaborative community. Instances of abusive, harassing, or otherwise unacceptable behavior may be reported by contacting and/or a Gardener project maintainer.


Gardener uses GitHub to manage reviews of pull requests.

  • If you are a new contributor see: Steps to Contribute

  • If you have a trivial fix or improvement, go ahead and create a pull request, addressing (with @...) a suitable maintainer of this repository (see CODEOWNERS of the repository you want to contribute to) in the description of the pull request.

  • If you plan to do something more involved, first discuss your ideas on our mailing list. This will avoid unnecessary work and surely give you and us a good deal of inspiration.

  • Relevant coding style guidelines are the Go Code Review Comments and the Formatting and style section of Peter Bourgon’s Go: Best Practices for Production Environments.

Steps to Contribute

Should you wish to work on an issue, please claim it first by commenting on the GitHub issue that you want to work on it. This is to prevent duplicated efforts from contributors on the same issue.

If you have questions about one of the issues, with or without the tag, please comment on them and one of the maintainers will clarify it.

Individual Contributor License Agreement

When you contribute (code, documentation, or anything else), be aware that we only accept contributions under the Gardener project’s license (see previous sections) and you need to agree to the Individual Contributor License Agreement. This applies to all contributors, including those contributing on behalf of a company. If you agree to its content, click on the link posted by the CLA assistant as a comment to the pull request. Click it to review the CLA, then accept it on the next screen if you agree to it. CLA assistant will save your decision for upcoming contributions and will notify you if there is any change to the CLA in the meantime.

Corporate Contributor License Agreement

If employees of a company contribute code, in addition to the individual agreement above, there needs to be one company agreement submitted. This is mainly for the protection of the contributing employees.

An authorized company representative needs to download, fill, and print the Corporate Contributor License Agreement form. Then either:

The form contains a list of employees who are authorized to contribute on behalf of your company. When this list changes, please let us know.

Pull Request Checklist

  • Branch from the master branch and, if needed, rebase to the current master branch before submitting your pull request. If it doesn’t merge cleanly with master you may be asked to rebase your changes.

  • Commits should be as small as possible, while ensuring that each commit is correct independently (i.e., each commit should compile and pass tests).

  • If your patch is not getting reviewed or you need a specific person to review it, you can @-reply a reviewer asking for a review in the pull request or a comment, or you can ask for a review on our mailing list.

  • Add tests relevant to the fixed bug or new feature.

Issues and Planning

We use GitHub issues to track bugs and enhancement requests and ZenHub for planning.

Security Release Process

See Security Release Process