What’s Gardener Project to SAP?

An New Article on about SAP, Gardener and OSS.

Recently, Thomas Hertz, CNCF board member and head of Development Experience at SAP, published an overview article at the TheNewStack where he discusses projct Gardener and its place in SAP and the open source community, and what’s the future ahead of it.

“Gardener is an SAP-driven open source project that tackles real-world demands for hyperscale Kubernetes services, regardless of infrastructure.", Thomas says disucssing the benefits from Gardener, yielding analogy with Borg, born to address real-world problems and eventually becomming Kubernetes. Further stressing upon the project’s Kubernetes DNA he outlines the unique, vendor-neutral approach of Gardener to offer a lock-in free solution and lists a number of SAP solutions that already benefit from that far and wide.

Gardener provides a neutral toolbox for the technology stack of today, and we designed it to be sufficiently extensible so that — with relatively low effort — it can additionally adapt for the tools and infrastructures that come next. No one can say which direction the Kubernetes ecosystem will take, but Gardener is designed to keep things open and flexible.

“We are determined to be transparent with Gardener, by developing everything in the public space and then adopting it with minor SAP specific integrations in-house. It’s always been imperative to keep it vendor-neutral and to stick to upstream Kubernetes practices, design and processes." Thomas then elaborates on SAP’s comitment to transparently drive the project in vendor-neutral manner and in a trully transparent for the community community and collaborative manner.

He then discusses various use cases of community members using Gardener in differnet domains and concludes with the benefits of the open source project for SAP and how it catalizes a cultural change

Within SAP, Gardener is influencing and catalyzing change. We already have great inner sourcing examples, with internal stakeholders contributing directly to the open source software project and doing almost everything in the public.

“We developed Gardener to provide our customers with a single, consistent Kubernetes feature set that abstracts resources and underlying infrastructure, and can be used by SAP solutions anywhere. We are seeing an uptake by those developing applications and deploying them across multiple clouds, and look forward to working with the community to extend Gardener and deliver hyperscale Kubernetes services for the tools and infrastructures of the future." Thomas says at the end of the article, inviting contributors and adopters to the growing Gardener community for a collaboraiton to meet the challenges today and in future.

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