MCM, Tailscale and K3S

Using Gardener Machine-Controller-Manager and Tailscale to extend a local Raspberry-Pi K3s cluster with cloud instances.

Read this blog by Christoph Voigt, where he takes on head-to-head the problem of dealing with machines in the cloud.

Okay, so I can make any cloud instance part of my local cluster. But this still requires a bit of setup at the cloud vendor of your choice: at a minimum, you need to create a basic network infrastructure (VPC, subnets), create a VM (decide on an OS, setup Tailscale & K3s, assign Firewalls / Security Groups), oh, and please make sure it is running with a secure Runtime profile!

He explores the options and then settles on Gardener’s Machine-Controller-Manager as the most Kubernetes-native aproach out there. In this experiment, only MCM and not the rest of Gardener is used. And that is quite possible because of the Kubernetes and Gardener’s idiomatic loosely coupled, modular designs.

To explore how MCM was integrated and more, head on to the original blog at the