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Gardener Extension for openid connect services

reuse compliant

Project Gardener implements the automated management and operation of Kubernetes clusters as a service. Its main principle is to leverage Kubernetes concepts for all of its tasks.

Recently, most of the vendor specific logic has been developed in-tree. However, the project has grown to a size where it is very hard to extend, maintain, and test. With GEP-1 we have proposed how the architecture can be changed in a way to support external controllers that contain their very own vendor specifics. This way, we can keep Gardener core clean and independent.

This controller implements Gardener’s extension contract for the shoot-oidc-service extension.

An example for a ControllerRegistration resource that can be used to register this controller to Gardener can be found here.

Please find more information regarding the extensibility concepts and a detailed proposal here.

Extension Resources

Example extension resource:

apiVersion: extensions.gardener.cloud/v1alpha1
kind: Extension
  name: extension-shoot-oidc-service
  namespace: shoot--project--abc
  type: shoot-oidc-service

When an extension resource is reconciled, the extension controller will create an instance of OIDC Webhook Authenticator. These resources are placed inside the shoot namespace on the seed. Also, the controller takes care about generating necessary RBAC resources for the seed as well as for the shoot.

Please note, this extension controller relies on the Gardener-Resource-Manager to deploy k8s resources to seed and shoot clusters.

How to start using or developing this extension controller locally

You can run the controller locally on your machine by executing make start.

We are using Go modules for Golang package dependency management and Ginkgo/Gomega for testing.

Feedback and Support

Feedback and contributions are always welcome. Please report bugs or suggestions as GitHub issues or join our Slack channel #gardener (please invite yourself to the Kubernetes workspace here).

Learn more!

Please find further resources about out project here: